Sunday Nov 2 2014

IMG_0227here’s my progress on Anna this week, I am hoping to have all the skirt done by next week.


A New Start

IMG_0436 IMG_0456 IMG_0454I

I finished the hockey logo that I was stitching for my Grandson and I will ship that one off to the framers this week.

A new start also just in time for Halloween, and I had a Christmas piece framed,

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some news

Awhile ago I had sent 2 pictures to Jill Rensel for framing and a few days ago I received pictures of them.Bernice%20Geroulis%20(2)[9] Bernice%20Geroulis%20(1)[13]

The Christmas Tree is from Mirabilia and the little girl is Isabella’s Garden from Lavender & Lace

IMG_0207and this is my current project. I am stitching the NHL hockey logo 

for my Grandson.

and 2 of my wips


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TTASmy first view of TTAS framed by Jill Rensel

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